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One thing we do not have a shortage of in 2013 is web apps. Chances are, you or your business have active accounts in services like Gmail, Freshbooks, Basecamp, MailChimp, GitHub, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Wouldn’t it be nice if these apps talked to each other so that all your data was up-to-date across all of your accounts?

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Zapier is a web app automation service that helps you or your small business keep all of your services up-to-date through simple integrations, without having to shell out thousands of dollars on developer costs. Save hours of updating, copying and pasting by simply setting up an automated ‘Zap,’ or trigger, that will complete the task for you.

Need Evernote Business to catalog your Gmail inbox for you? Easy. How about triggering a ticket to Zendesk after someone submits a form via Wufoo? Done.

But what has us most excited is that Zapier has added Dwolla trigger, now at your disposal to automate the way you send and receive money.

We’re thrilled at the endless possibilities of integrations, but two of them our community has been asking for:

Head on over to Zapier to start automating your triggers today. If you come up with something pretty awesome, please share your trigger in the comments below.


P.S. If you’re a web developer, add your API to Zapier so that others can interact with your service today!



  • Wade Foster

    Thanks for your help with this Caitlin! Dwolla as a platform is awesome. :)

    • shanereiser

      Please build RunKeeper trigger

      • Wade Foster

        Hi Shane, I’ll definitely take a look at RunKeeper.

        One cool thing about Zapier not in the post is that you can actually build your own triggers/actions via the developer platform: so if you or someone else is really eager for RunKeeper integration you can spin it up in just a few hours. :)

  • shanereiser

    I just created a zap that donates $1 to charity:water from my Dwolla account every time I publish a new post on WordPress. #bloggingforgood

    • Wade Foster

      This. Is. Awesome.

    • Brian Barr

      Awesome. Is. An. Understatement.

      • CaityJones

        I. Completely. Agree. :)

  • DeeBG

    Wow this is very impressive. At first I thought it was a combination of HootSuite and IFTTT (If This Then That), which is a site I really love, but the choices of triggers is very limited and there is no option to add your own. Also you can only have 2 trigger events (thus the name “If this, then that”), I don’t know how you can chain triggers in Zapier but the fact that you create your own API is promising.

    My first trigger will be set to wait for 6 confirmations of Bitcoin generation using the API on my ASIC mining setup, then it will automatically cash it out to my back account, set a 3-way split between return to savings, EFF and Child’s Play – the last part will include some kind of notification in which I have to approve in case I really mess up with the code somewhere.

    The sad thing is that there is wasted overhead here, because if the EFF and Child’s Play accepted Bitcoin directly they could receive more money overall from me (and likely others). I know the EFF once had this as a method of donation, but cancelled it because there was no legal precedent regarding donating with Bitcoin (which really disappointed me, because I thought the EFF was suppose to fight to protect digital rights and the tools we use) and as far as I know, Child’s Play hasn’t ever publicly said anything about the matter.

    Perhaps if things go well I will find Bitcoin-accepting charities that I like and switch to them, I just picked the EFF and Child’s Play as they are two charities who I support yearly with a one off check, and I thought maybe a constant stream might be more helpful in the end. Regardless of the policies of others, we are very happy to have you as part of the team Zapier (plus now I know about a great service I was ignorant to before this post =p).

    – Tony R./D(ee)BG

    • CaityJones

      Glad you like it, Tony! The team there is awesome, if you ever run into any problems or have questions about adding additional services, they are more than helpful.

  • Zachariah Wiedeman

    Does Dwolla offer any form of limited support or documentation on this? I am trying to set up a ZAP to request funds on a monthly basis from a subscriber, but I don’t understand what kind of information Dwolla is looking for to go in these fields requested by Zapier:

    Source ID (required)
    Amount (required) – this is the easy one!
    Source Type (optional)
    Facilitator Amount (optional)
    Notes (optional) – another one I don’t really need help with.

    Who should I contact about this? Dwolla? Zapier? I’m so confused…

    • Michael Schonfeld

      Hey Zach — Source ID is the Dwolla ID or email addy you want to request the money from, amount is the amount, and Source Type is either ‘Dwolla’ (if you specified a Dwolla ID in the “Source ID”, or Email if you specified an email in the “Source ID”). Don’t worry about the Facilitator Amount, and the Notes is a free input you can use to include any notes with the money request.

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