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WunWun didn’t set out to disrupt the messenger industry, but that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Open the WunWun app, and the first thing you see is, “What can we help you with?” From deliveries to services, WunWun becomes your personal helper. They’ve set themselves apart from companies like TaskRabbit by creating an on-demand network of helpers, instead of posting jobs and waiting for people to bid on them.

WunWun does this by having a flat fee, for everything:

  • Deliveries are $15
  • Services are $2 for every 5 minutes
  • Suggestions are always free

And if you schedule a service or delivery at least one day in advance, you get 20% off your bill.

WunWun becomes your personal assistant, your driver, your dog walker – literally “Whatever you need whenever you need,” which is exactly what the name WunWun stands for. When a request comes through, it is posted to WunWun’s network of available helpers. Someone picks it up and is in contact with you almost immediately. Once the request is completed the helper is paid out via Dwolla.


Common requests include having your morning coffee delivered, having people stand in line for you to get concert tickets, having food delivered from restaurants that do not have their own delivery service, or having someone pick up your groceries.

Some not so normal (but very real) requests range from picking up and delivering meatballs from Ikea or bringing a roulette wheel to a party.

One of WunWun’s most memorable deliveries came from a man who used the service frequently in New York City, but had traveled to Punta Cana on vacation only to discover that he had left his camera charger at home. He promptly placed a request for someone to go to his apartment and FedEx him his charger for his camera. It arrived just two days later.

Currently WunWun is only available in beta and in New York City (they built the platform just this past fall), but a great feature is you can use the service for requests in NYC even if you don’t live there (we’re thinking of using it to deliver goodies to our New York team members on their birthdays).

If you are in New York, you can get early access and a $15 credit here. Oh, and be sure to follow them on Twitter. You may just get a free umbrella.

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  • DarkMagess

    Aww. iPhone only.

    • Brett Warner

      My reaction exactly.

    • Jonas M Luster

      Precisely. When will developers realize that the sheen of easily swayed sheep who will spend a lot for a little might be a good start but can’t sustain an ecosystem?

    • CaityJones

      @DarkMagess:disqus @twitter-20942683:disqus @jmluster:disqus Hey guys – (coming from an Android & iPhone user), totally understand the frustration. WunWun just got its start last fall. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them out on Android in the near future.

      • Jonas M Luster

        If even three guys in a garage can roll out iPhone and Android code simultaneously (there is beauty in moving some logic server side, for example) why can’t companies who want to be taken seriously?

  • Jerry McIntire

    Beats the heck out of having friends or family. They’re so much hassle (rolleyes)

  • Brian

    No idea why they went iPhone OS only. You would have thought they would have made an Android compatible app right off the bat. And it’s New York only which is a good starting point but they should expand by zip code and tells you how many WunWun workers are in the area.

    • cbbcbail

      Why not start with the best platform as well?

      • Jonas M Luster

        But that’s precisely what they didn’t do. They started with the locked down fashion accessory, not even a platform.

        • cbbcbail

          Locked down fashion accessory that is capable of reaching the most people (already has), has the biggest applications market, and is the worlds biggest mobile gaming platform. Seems to me that an app for finding the most people to help get something done, should go to the platform where the most people exist. And thats even excluding superior developer API’s and mobile marketplaces.

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