What is Dwolla?


Dwolla is a lot of things, to a lot of different people.

If you are a business owner, it could be the thing that doubles your bottom-line. If you’re a college student, it could be the vital cash flow from your parents. If you are a developer, you could be digging into our API and integrating our payment network into a sweet new app you are building. And if you are at a financial institution, Dwolla can be the technology that allows you to work around the ACH system, with real-time bank transfers. Whether it’s between people, businesses or systems, Dwolla can be used in new ways never before possible. And because we’ve created our own network, we aren’t reliant on credit card networks, costly structures or rigid limitations.

So we posed the question to our Twitter followers and our Facebook fans, “What is Dwolla?” We weren’t sure what we were going to get back, but when the answers came rolling in, it was enlightening to say the least. I’ve picked out some to recognize in a make-shift awards program I’d like to call, the Dwemmy’s.

From Twitter:

The Revolutionist Award:

The Motivational Award:


The Local Love Award:

The “Technically Correct” Award:(tied)



From Facebook:

The Philanthropist Award:

The Pessimist Award:

The Canadian Award:

The Award for Most Creativity:

The Best Analogy Award:

The Best Metaphor Award:

The People’s Choice Award:


And that concludes the first ever Dwemmy Awards. Feel free to read on, and see what others are saying about Dwolla, and what it means to them. And if you want to join in the conversation, leave us a post on Facebook or tweet us @Dwolla!

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The Facebook posts:


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  • mdexter24

    What Dwolla needs is some fantastic programmers to come up with great online money programs that allows ONLY The Dwolla payment processor. This will fire up the kettle!