Tech’s influence on presidential election (#VOTE)

In case you’ve been living under a rock the size of Texas, you know that today is election day. Working at a technology company gives us an innate interest in how tech transforms industries, processes and events. Today, we thought it appropriate to look at one of the most important events in our nation, the presidential election.


Getting educated

  • iSideWith helps you decide which issues matter most to you  on everything from social issues to foreign policy. You are then able to compare candidates side-by-side on specific issues.
  • CrunchGov helps you determine how tech-friendly your congressman is.
  • Quickly head to the internet to easily find your polling place.



 Poll watching

  • Mobile Pollwatcher is a service that Obama’s campaign uses. It allows poll watchers to report back to campaign headquarters on which Democratic voters have turned out for the vote and which ones have not. Voters that have yet to show up will get a call. This service taps into the Democrats NGP/VAN (digital organizing tools) that allow other campaigns to utilize the data.
  • Project Orca is Romney’s poll monitoring system, and relies on 34,000 volunteers in swing states to track who is voting and who needs to be contacted to vote before the polls close.

No matter your political leaning, make it a priority to get informed and GO VOTE.