Small Business Everyday

Recently, a new movement was launched called  Small Business Saturday. The idea is to tack on to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday mania, encouraging holiday shoppers to shop at locally-owned small businesses.

We believe in small business. And while we love any program that supports small business, we think the idea behind Small Business Saturday could be bigger and better. Here’s how:

    1. The small business who wanted to take advantage of the free marketing tools offered through Small Business Saturday had to have a merchant account – which comes with a a long list of fees, such as a $7.95 fee per paper statement and per-transaction fees (found here) of roughly 2.89%-3.20% plus a flat $0.10.
    2. From day one, Dwolla has been fueled by small business owners who wanted to reclaim these costs and even double their net profit margins. That’s why Dwolla’s fees are simple: just 25 cents per transaction or free for transactions under $10. No percentages. No hidden fees. Full transparency.

    3. One day per year isn’t enough. Why not support small business EVERYDAY?
    4. Next time you shop at a local business, show that you support their business by paying with cash or Dwolla instead of credit card. Here’s a just a few of the places that already accept Dwolla.

    Tell us which small business you want to support.

    While logged into Dwolla, go to and click the “I want Dwolla at this location” button next to your favorite small businesses.

    • Jade Handy

      I love this idea of small business everyday! Also, I have lot’s of small town small businesses (retail) in Iowa that could benefit from your service. Maybe I’ll bring it up to Ben at tonight’s event in Des Moines!

      • CaityJones

        We’d love to talk to you about it! Hope to see you there!

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