By: Jordan,

Dwolla is joining United Way in a special initiative to raise funds to help with near and long-term recovery needs in communities hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Please donate to their Dwolla Hub Page or reddit Donate campaign (if you’re a reddit moderator and would like to raise funds, feel free to create a campaign).

I’m sure you’re familiar with the images and stories: millions without power, dozens dead or missing, and thousands homeless. Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the Eastern Seaboard, leaving widespread destruction and devastation in its path.

Hurricane Sandy destruction at Breezy Point by Green Peace USA

But as these things usually do, it’s triggered our nation’s greatest strength: community. Simple donations, care packages, phone calls, and man hours have poured in to start rebuilding the billions in damages. And while no amount of money will repair the personal devastation and loss, organizations like United Way are banding together to help affected people rebuild their lives.

Send a dollar, ten dollars, one-hundred dollars. Use Dwolla or don’t (pay with credit card here). We honestly could care less. Just take a moment to help.

A note to our community: A handful of you recently reached out to inquire about the safety of our New York team. I’m happy to report that our 5 NYC employees are safe and sound. Your concerns are appreciated, and we send similar thoughts your way.

Credits: Photo of Breezy Point after Hurricane Sandy courtesy of Green Peace USA via

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