#realtime payments


We’ve been heads down for the last 3 months building something meaningful that we’re excited to share.

  • It will allow you to buy the things you love, immediately.
  • It will introduce a new level of convenience to the community.
  • It will carry the same low transaction cost.
  • It will introduce some new friends to the network.
  • It will open up the network to new ideas and possibilities.

We’re testing with friends, family, and the most active members of the Dwolla network.

Please let us know if you’d like to help us.

  • dschreiber


  • Christian Jensen

    The last 3 bullet points have an extra space after them (two spaces)

    • CaityJones

      Thanks for pointing it out — fixed!

  • brettneese


    Definitely keep me in the loop. As you always have. #keepgoing

  • John Jackovin

    I am always up to helping!

  • http://www.dmevolve.com/ Jon Thompson

    Already signed up for beta.

  • http://www.dimoco.us/ DIMOCO

    Awesome Idea.

  • Musashi

    ben first of all thanks for the update. I do have one issue .. its still very unclear to me what is a realtime payment. How is it different from Credit Card and Paypal payments? I don’t want to seem negative I just think a lot of other people would like to know as well.


    • CaityJones

      Hey Musashi — we’ll be releasing more information soon that should clear up this question for you. I think you’re going to love it!

    • http://www.benmilne.com/ Ben Milne

      Musashi – Dwolla’s network allows you to remove the costs of CC & Paypal payments. #realtime will allow you to enjoy increased speed over any other payment service, without the cost. 😉

      • Pam

        So Dwolla doesn’t work like PayPal Here with the card swiper and Ipad Mini? It is my understanding in my Restaurant business that you still need a merchant credit card account, which will not save you anything.

        • CaityJones

          Hey Pam,

          Dwolla is completely cardless, so customers would use the web app or the Dwolla mobile app to make payments. The merchant would only need to have a way to verify the incoming payment with an internet connected device.

          Right now, Dwolla Credit is only available in the web app. Users that are approved are extended a line of credit issued by Comenity Capital Bank through the Dwolla network. They can then use this to purchase from online merchants. Here’s more information about the new feature: http://blog.dwolla.com/real-time-payments/.

  • Robby Butler

    I love testing and offering feedback, and I’d love to know more about Realtime Payments.

    • CaityJones

      Thanks, Robby! Excited to share more information soon!

  • Chris

    What are the terms of this new service?

    • CaityJones

      Definitely be sharing more on that when we publicly launch the product — more information coming VERY soon! :)

  • Tester


  • Carl Sundermann

    Does this mean I wouldn’t have to have a balance in my Dwolla account, and I could just pay for something, then it automatically comes from my bank account? I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly what you mean here. To me, that has been something holding me back from using this. I already have several other accounts out in the world… I don’t really want yet another place where I have money stored, so the ability to pay with Dwolla but have it link immediately to my bank account is something I would utilize.

    • CaityJones

      Hey Carl — we’ll definitely be releasing more information on this very soon. I think it’s something that you’re going to like :)

    • http://www.benmilne.com/ Ben Milne

      I think you’ll dig all things #realtime :)

  • domestica

    I’d definitely be interested in testing the new product – you guys never stop + that’s what makes Dwolla awesome.

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