By: Jordan,

**Update: The referral program was retired December 2014**

Many of our Dwolla users have come to us through word of mouth. To show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received, we put together a nice little refer-a-friend program to reward both existing and new Dwolla users.

Now through the end of the year, receive $10 in waived transaction fees for every friend you refer to Dwolla. That’s enough for 40 free transactions!

Oh yeah – and your friends will get a $10 credit too.

Dwolla Refer a Friend

Refer Now


The deets:

– Refer anyone you want or just post your unique referral link on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere and hope for the best.

– There is no limit on how many friends you can refer.

– Your free credits will be applied automatically when you incur Dwolla fees – either when you receive money, or when you send money & check the box next to “Assume the 25 cent transfer fee.” Of course it won’t be applied if the transaction amount if $10 or less because transactions that small are always free on Dwolla!

Some of you may be doing the math. If you use Dwolla 10 times per month, you’ll get Dwolla free for an entire year just by referring 3 friends!

We’re running this through the end of the year, so start referring some folks now.

Have fun and spread some Dwolladay cheer.


Due to popular demand, we’ve extended the $10 referral program into 2013. Keep on referring!

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