It is now possible to send money, simply by tweeting. This makes it easy to send money to friends, nonprofits or even merchants without having to login to the Dwolla mobile app.

Head over to and set it up!

Then tweet. Just be sure to include their Twitter handle, the $ amount, and #dwolla.

Yep, it really is that simple.

  • Jennifer Montes

    I’m normally very enthusiastic about new stuff, but this in particular makes me afraid of someone hijacking my Twitter account…

  • Sean Murphy

    Because I want anybody who hacks my twitter account to be able to send money?

    • shanereiser

      Well, if someone does hack your twitter account, login to and revoke the access token.

      • Ben Milne

        Even better. You can manage each application permission in the Dwolla Settings window!

      • Sean Murphy

        And this helps me get the money they already tweeted away back how exactly?

  • Francois Baldassari

    Is there a limit to the amount sent in one transaction? or daily?

    • CaityJones

      Dwolla personal accounts have a $5k limit per transaction.

  • thatdorkjordan

    How does this work on the recipient’s end of things?

    • CaityJones

      Hi Jordan – I just tweeted you a shiny new penny.

      • thatdorkjordan

        Thanks! What would have happened if you didn’t already have my twitter account linked to a dwolla account? Would it have tweeted a link to sign up?

        • CaityJones

          Yep! It would have followed up with a tweet saying that I sent you money and to sign up at

          • Mike

            …and what happens if someone doesn’t sign up? Is there a “timeout” whereafter the money is returned? Some people will look at links like this as some sort of phishing scheme or other scam and will simply ignore it. Others simply don’t log in to twitter but once a month (me). What happens if the message is missed? What if I typed $5000 instead of $50.00?

            So, Fred (whoever he is) is probably a millionaire by now (this was in fact only a scam right?). Kidding.

            I see an acknowledgement via email. An SMS would be good too. Email…nice touch, but shouldn’t there also be links in the email to confirm the tweet before it is actually sent (or paid) or maybe a message to your cell confirming the tweet before it is sent (or paid)? How about a link to “cancel the tweet” and put the money back where it belongs? What about these tweets, shouldn’t they only be private/direct messages? Now 10 million of my closest friends know I have linked Dwolla to my Twitter account. And what about limiting the tweet from a certain computer or phone? Possible?

            Enjoy your early retirement Fred! Think of your friends if you have more than you need :)

          • CaityJones

            Hi Mike!

            Great feedback.

            Yes, if it goes unclaimed due to someone not wanting to sign up, or somehow missing it, then the transaction will time out after 30 days and money will never be pulled from your account.

            Also – you cannot send more money than you have in your Dwolla account. If you do not have $100 to send and you tried to tweet $100, you would get a message from @DwollaLabs saying that you could not send that last payment.

            Dwolla has actually been doing Twitter payments for years, before the #dwolla product. You can read more about that here: You can send these payments from within the Dwolla web app and the Dwolla mobile app.

            If you’re worried about privacy, feel free to continue using the Dwolla web app and the Dwolla mobile app to send directly to your contacts’ Dwolla accounts, phone numbers, emails, etc.

            As for Fred – Fred Wilson works for Union Square Ventures in NYC. You can learn more about him here:

  • Joshua Hill
  • Joe Phillips


  • John Nishinaga

    As others have noted, this seems really risky unless there is a way of whitelist and limit the amount that is being sent before hand.

  • rrrrryyyyy

    How is this secure? Twitter accounts get compromised all the time. by the time user realizes, money has already been sent. there should at least be a per transaction cap and limit on # transactions per hour. this is an awesome idea but i dont see it going anywhere without some fraud protection

    • shanereiser

      The typical per transaction cap of $5k applies

  • Aaron Gibralter
    • shanereiser

      Hahahaha, I saw that. Hilarious.

      • Aaron Gibralter

        :) back in the day, I tried something similar with Venmo and it was super fun to hear the lady computer voice say “one zero zero zero zero zero zero…”

  • spilliams

    startlingly similar model as Chirpify

  • Adam Mason

    I think this is cool, but this is so freaking risky from a security standpoint. Maybe if there was a limit of $5 to the amount of money you can tweet that would be safer

  • anon

    I wish you would build more capability for your partner affiliates to leverage the API vs. so much on small potentially non-secure or trustworthy features like this for merchants and consumers in the SMB market. You need to broaden your base if you are to survive and Partners have can do that for you. You need Better API features for example so the partners can white-lable the heck out of your service and make it easy for them to sign up users for you vs you guys trying to always do this on your own. This looks like a great little feature but I can think of way better uses to generate more users and loyalty to build your base and allow others to help you grow vs doing all yourself. More strategic API features like Recurring API or Set up bank account API end points- where create a user and connection in 1 step. Look how easy it is to buy over ACH. — you have way too many steps — and improving the API would allow huge Partner adoption where they could build this twitter type stuff for you. Just a suggestion where you should concentrate on Infrastructure.

    • Ataub24

      the things you mentioned are coming :)

      • CaityJones

        Great feedback Anon, and I agree with Ataub — great things are coming down the pipe that I think you’ll really like.

        • Kathleen Barrett

          Looking forward to that! We’ve been using dwolla with masspay and I’d love to be able to signup our clients myself or at least streamline the process :)

    • Brian Hemesath

      Agree with this, anxious to see more API support for Partners and integrators.

  • Nicholas Manousos

    I built this months ago and today Dwolla released it as their own. Yep, it really is that simple:

  • RAD Moose

    I see there is a limit of sending up to USD$5,000 per day. Is there a limit on how much you can receive? I would be willing to receive transactions to @radmoose via twitter =P Actually it is a serious question, although I wouldn’t mind getting some $ sent to me. =)

    • CaityJones

      You’re correct, the per transaction limit is $5,000, and you’d be able to receive every penny of it. Speaking of pennies, I sent you one!

      • RAD Moose

        Thanks! I tried to send you 2 back =)
        So, I can receive as much as USD$5000 per transaction, however is there a limit to the number or transactions per day and/or total amount received. (Waiting for someone to send me $$$ =) LOL )

        • CaityJones

          :) No there is no limit to number of transactions per day/total amount received.

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