By: Ben Milne,

Dwolla is heading to OKC on January 5th @ 5:30 to Elemental Coffee Roasters. Let’s hang out.

Please RSVP here if you can attend!

It’s a funny thing about coffee shops, there always seems to be more percolating at these places than just the espresso. In cities throughout the country, independent coffee shops have served as central hubs for students, developers, and creatives. Mix all of that with caffeine, headphones and computers,  and you have the foundation for a powerful community.

This is the same reason why coffee shops have played such an important role in Dwolla’s story.

Sam DuRegger just joined our team about 3 weeks ago and one of the first things he thought of was this great little coffee shop in Oklahoma City, called Elemental Coffee Roasters. So Sam is heading that way to show people how Dwolla works, rocking some t-shirts, and just generally being a good dude 🙂

Fun fact: Sam has this great story about running into the Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips in a local OKC coffee shop, you’ll have to ask him about it… Serendipitous encounters like this are the type of thing that makes a great coffee shop, well, great.

For those that don’t know Sam, he’s a repeat entrepreneur and sincerely genuine guy. He’s been a huge advocate of Dwolla for a while now, and I personally attribute Smokey Row in Pella accepting Dwolla to he and Josh Cowman. The man drinks as much coffee as I do. Before Sam started with us he was rocking it out at Charming Beard Productions, of which will give you a good insight into just how awesome he is.

So, come on out to Elemental Coffee, pay for your latte with Dwolla, and meet others who are excited and/or curious about what Dwolla can do for their store, non-profit, or pocketbook.

RSVP Here: Jan. 5th from 5:30-7:30pm

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