New Support Added for VOIP Numbers


Small update today. We’ve received a great deal of requests to support VOIP numbers in the system. Today, we’ve added support for VOIP numbers to be verified in the Dwolla ecosystem. As of right now it’s live and changes have been made. You can also add phone numbers under your settings if you’re a business that manages multiple phone lines.

Keep the questions and suggestions coming!

  • Cameron Malek

    Doesn’t work for me right now. I get an error: “Invalid phone device type. Please select a valid mobile or fixed number.”

    • Ben Milne

      Reload is all. You’ll be good to go. This blog was published about ~30 minutes before it should have been. Sorry about that.

  • Weber K.

    Cannot send to my voxox account. using skype I can text my voxox account. please, can you help me? thanks!

    • CaityJones

      Hi Weber – would you be able to email our support team? We’d like to get a better understanding of what you’re experiencing and try to help you out. Dwolla support can be reached at

      • Weber K.

        Made this right now! Thanks for helping!