By: Ben Milne,

Mistakes happen. That’s life.

Fortunately, with today’s update, Dwolla is solving one of the more popular mistakes we’ve seen: The accidental transfer.

Whether you added too many “zeros” or sent money to a non-existent email address, Dwolla now provides users with a few more scenarios, and a bit more leniency, to correct accidents. No administration or cancellation fees either.

Altogether, you can now stop or cancel:

In the end, these scenarios represent a lot of the common accidents that we can have the power to fix. They do not alter the traditional structure of a Dwolla payment, so if a recipient receives the money, you (aka the sender) cannot cancel or withdrawal the transaction (they could ask for the money back though!).

To do so, simply head to your online “account summary,” find the transaction you’d like to stop and click the “Details” link. From here, you’ll be easily “Cancel the Deposit” or “Cancel the Transfer.” Here’s what it looks like from a visual angle:

Find the pending transaction:

Click “Cancel This Deposit”

And it’s done

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