MassPay API + node.js

This post was inspired by AskYourUsers co-founder, Chris Bumgardner, and his new node.js library for MassPay. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the AskYourUsers’ MassPay integration on Chris’s blog

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A few months ago, we released MassPay – an easy way to make bulk payments using a CSV data file and an easy-to-use web GUI. Soon after, I started receiving requests to expose an API for MassPay. Being a developer myself, I realized the value of having developers interface into this project, and what it could mean for its adoption.

One of those requests came from Chris, the co-founder of AskYourUsers. In just a couple weeks, Chris had decided to build and integrate a new node.js library for MassPay. The end result: in just a few lines of [beautiful] code, Chris had managed to add MassPay functionality into his application, thereby saving the headache of dealing with payments and sensitive information, and the interchange fees and other costs associated with payouts. You can read more about the reasoning behind AskYourUsers’ MassPay integration on Chris’s blog post.

Chris decided to open-source his MassPay node.js library, and he posted it up on Github. He also made it available on npm, lowering the barrier even another notch. Give it a try – it’s ridiculously easy to use!



  • Chris Bumgardner

    Thanks for posting this! We love open-sourcing our code back to the community and especially love using Dwolla. I hope it’s as helpful for others as it is for us.

  • CloudFunded

    Fascinating, thanks for your contribution Chris!

    • Chris Bumgardner

      My pleasure!