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October 2014 Update: We’ve made some big improvements to MassPay since its 2012 launch. Please visit for the latest information on the easy-to-use disbursement tool that allows you to pay up to 5,000 people in just a few clicks!

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Based on your feedback, we built a lightweight tool that allows you to pay up to 2,000 people in just a few clicks.

Please say hi to MassPay!

Try it out now or see it in action:

How can your company use MassPay?

Checkout our 10 amazing launch partners who are just as excited as we are about launching this tool.


Parking Panda

Parking Panda will find you guaranteed reserved parking online. Search over 500,000+ parking spaces and reserve discounted and hassle-free parking instantly with Parking Panda. These guys are also are offering Dwolla as an option to pay out their partners, like parking lots.

Nick Miller , Parking Panda CEO and co-founder, had this to say about MassPay: “MassPay makes it much easier to pay our partners in a timely fashion.  Instead of having to write a check to each person or company we can simply enter their account info and send all the payments at once.  It’s a major time saver and our partners and customers love how fast and easy it is.”

Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming is a North American professional electronic sports organization, headquartered in New York City. They are using Dwolla to offer another option to pay out the various winners that win tournaments online or in circuit.

Fancy Hands Logo

Fancy Hands

Assistants for everyone. When you sign up for Fancy Hands, you can start submitting tasks right away. No waiting, just working. Fancy Hands will be offering Dwolla as a way to pay out assistants.


Splash is an awesome way to build a free custom website for your event in minutes. Create online invitations, allow guests to RSVP and more. Splash will be adding Dwolla as an option to pay out merchants on their platform.


Distribute your film online, directly to your audience. VHX believes artists should make more money from their work. They will be using Dwolla as an option to pay out content creators.


Flashnotes is the #1 online marketplace to buy and sell high quality, course-specific notes created by college students on your campus. Flashnotes is also offering Dwolla as a way to pay out to the sellers of notes.

Mike Matousek, CEO and co-founder, says, “Our ability to ensure time, reliable payouts to a large number of customers and campus reps simultaneously is crucial to our success.”


HTML5 is a marketplace for HTML5 apps. They will be launching soon, and will be using Dwolla as an option to pay out app developers.


Offers payout services that help businesses issue checks, do ACH direct deposits, send out wires, and other payment types to their business partners.


Scripted’s freelance writers deliver the best content on time and in any industry. Whether it be blog posts, tweets, or press releases, they have a writer for that.


Social car sharing: Rent cars by the hour from people around you, or start renting out yours today and earn cash. They will be using Dwolla to pay out the car owners.

Try it for free

Through Nov 30th, Dwolla will reimburse your first 5 MassPay transactions. All you have to do is give us feedback! After you finish using MassPay, send an email to and let us know what you think. When your MassPay transaction is complete, we’ll reimburse any Dwolla fees you incurred (please allow 24 hours!).

If you have ideas for new features for MassPay, let us know in the comments. Help us make MassPay as awesome as it can be.

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