By: Jordan,

Today is a big day for Dwolla and the financial services business. FiSync is live in the world.

Today, over 160,000 people are going to officially have access and the ability to participate in a different style of transaction. The new way to move money in this nation isn’t only safer, faster and more secure by design, but it’s smarter and more compatible with tomorrow.

Today, FiSync Core is officially live and it’s moving real money in real-time without the 40 year-old Automated Clearing House, expensive debit networks or credit advancements. It makes moving money easy and real-time.

Real-time bank transactions appear so simple with FiSync it’s almost hilarious. Check it out :

Simple, huh?

This isn’t a parlor trick, this isn’t a new “layer” or “behavior” that we’re adding to the payment stack. This is us returning to the simple idea that money moves from Point A to Point B.  And we’re not hiding or floating money, these are real funds and real transactions.  Today is raw proof that reducing electronic transactions isn’t only possible, but that financial institutions find value in bringing it to their members and customers.

So what does this new partnership mean?

We’re throttling access to the FiSync code because of demand (we’re hiring), we have an overflowing pipeline and schedule, as well as an even healthier inbox of voicemail and email, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get loud. Tell your bank or credit union that you want FiSync. It’s free, lightweight and helps them meet the demands of their members, aka you, and other participants in a 21st century economy.

It’s a brave new world,


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