Major API Updates

Over the past few weeks, our developers have been hard at work creating and extending our API. Along with some security updates, I’m happy to announce the release of some really cool and anticipated API methods, and the expansion of some existing ones. Here’s the gist:

What’s New

What’s Changed

Some Background

With the rise and adoption of “Smart POS” systems, Apple’s Passbook, and other cool mobile innovations, we’ve felt that we needed to ramp up API support for these new possibilities. This pack of API additions and expansions should give developers the power and tools they need to create some awesome Dwolla POS integrations. But we didn’t just stop there. Taking in feedback from the community, we’ve also added some added security to our webhooks system, adding signatures to all outgoing notifications. Now, developers can verify the origin of messages before acting on them.


What do you think? Comments? Questions? Did we miss something? Write down your thoughts in the comments below, or email me directly at

  • Scott Wheeler

    Sweet!!! Truly working to create a new financial paradigm. HURRAH!!

  • adriarichards

    Nice work on updating the API to support Apple Passbook and improving security of Dwolla webhooks!

  • Ryan Lewis

    Hey Michael, From the Dwolla Developer Support Community, was

    adding bank account to my enduser’s Dwolla account ( added to this API release as promised?

    • estatesales

      I want this also and was expecting it.

      • Justin Toth

        They promised this in Q3 of 2012 and now have nothing to say about it… The whole API is worthless without the ability to add a bank account for a user, what’s the point of registering a user without a bank account?? There is none.

        • Michael Schonfeld

          Those 2 new endpoints (add + verifying bank accounts) are all set for production, and will be deployed this week! … Stay tuned for the blog post.

  • Brian Hemesath

    Would love a ‘refund’ API. All I pass is the transaction ID and the original transaction between 2 parties is reversed.

  • Andrew Zar

    Hoping that an toolset/sample code can be done so I can start using Dwolla on my website!

  • Kenny

    Is there API support for recurring payments? Still unable to find this in the API docs…

    • Michael Schonfeld

      Hey Kenny! … Recurring payments API is still in the works. We’ll definitely post another update when its ready. If you wish, you can sign up for the API mailing list on and we’ll let you know via email when its up.

      • 1cl

        How close are you to releasing a new API version that supports recurring payments? Thanks.

  • 1cl

    How close are you to releasing a new API version that supports recurring payments? Thanks.

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