Magento Extension: Updated

Our new developer evangelist intern, Gordon, has been hard at work these past couple of weeks. Today, his first big project rolls out: a long-awaited update to the Dwolla Magento eCommerce extension.

Our Magento extension was long due for a revamp – and this update definitely delivered it. Along with a whole lot of bug fixes, Gordon has implemented our Guest Checkout functionality, event listeners that carefully listen to transaction status change notifications from Dwolla, and logging features. So now, when your customers use their bank accounts to pay for their order, Magento will automatically update its order status as the Dwolla transaction status changes, while verifying the authenticity of the notifications, and alerting you in the order’s comments area when problems arise.

We’ve written an easy to follow setup guide for you guys. Check it out here

Here is the extension’s homepage:

And lastly, we’ve open-sourced this extension. It’s available on our Github account:


  • Brian

    I have Dwolla set to use “Pending” order status in the Admin, but when a customer places an order it goes into “Processing” immediately. It doesn’t update the order to “Processing” after the check clears so we get a bunch of bounced checks all the time!

  • Amal Graafstra

    Apparently Magento has removed this module from Magento Connect… the link is broken and I can’t find any Dwolla extensions when I search. What’s up?

    • Spencer Hunter

      Hi @amalgraafstra:disqus! Apologies for the long overdue delay on this. We are currently working with the Magento connect team to make the extension publicly through search. However, The Dwolla extension is still available to install via the Magento Connect Manager. Read this guide for setting up the Dwolla magento extension:

  • Magento Developer

    Thank you very much for this nice explanation. The more i learn about Magento the more i like it and the way how it is organized.

    Magento Development

  • Milople

    I am facing an error while redirecting :

    Something went wrong.
    Dwolla said: . Contact the store owner for more information.

    Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 level in D:wampwwwmagentoappdesignfrontendbasedefaulttemplatedwollaPaymentModuleredirect.phtml on line 88

  • chloenguyen

    thanks for the explanation. i’m building a website with magento and i want to find an extension that make checkout easier. lot of people recommend magento pos. Have you heard about it? It would be nice if you can make a tutorial or review about this.

  • Andy

    Can someone comment on the review left by one developer who states that this extension isn’t written to Magento design standards, doesn’t validate payment, and exposes sensitive data to the end user? I don’t see any indication that these concerns have been addressed. Have there been any new updates to the extension, and is anyone working on a V2 compatible one?

    metro999 says, “The module isn’t written using Magento standards. It mostly of works, but most of the code is located in a design file. Instead of validating a payment and returning to checkout, it places the order and hopes the customer pays successfully.

    Most importantly this extension will expose your app’s security keys to the customer on error as “helpful” debug info.”

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