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Iowa continues to be a standout example of innovation in government, adopting new technologies to inject money back into the economy by making their processes faster and more cost-effective for citizens. Earlier this year, we proudly announced our government payments partnership with the state of Iowa, assisting retailers in paying a potential $130 million in certain retail taxes.

Starting later today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Together, we’ll help them process up to 1.2 million tax payments as an online and mobile payment option for eligible residents.

Enjoy the convenience of paying online, without being charged high fees to do so. Currently, paying a $225 car registration fee with a credit or debit card online would result in an additional processing fee of $6.82 or $5.45, respectively (see their fee calculator to compare costs). If you pay online with Dwolla, the only additional charge will be a administrative fee of $0.30 or $0.40, depending on the county in which you reside.

And, because you’re paying with Dwolla, you’ll be able to create a payment from your bank or credit union account without sharing the sensitive banking information typically found on a check or credit card.

How it came about:

The idea for the integration spawned from a hackathon that Dwolla hosted in December of last year. Two IowaTaxAndTags employees joined our 36-hour coding session and ended up building a way for Iowans to easily pay their taxes with Dwolla. They took the idea back to IowaTaxAndTags  and proceeded to build the Dwolla network into the vendor’s platform.

Today, IowaTaxAndTags is now accepting Dwolla for in-person mobile payments and online check transfers for property tax and car registration taxes.

How it works:

Paying online at*

*Users must pay through the IowaTaxAndTags website.

Mobile (in-person) tax payments

Hi-Res-Mobile-Screen-Shot-of-Polk-County-Iowa-Tax-and-Tags services nearly a third of Iowa’s citizens. Residents in Buchanan, Clayton, Dickinson, Floyd, Iowa, Johnson, Linn, Montgomery, Polk, Pottawattamie, and Poweshiek are all eligible to pay with Dwolla.

Check out for more information.

Want to get your government involved? Let them know.

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