Iowa Non Profits. Maximize your donations and start with $10 on us!

Iowa non profits can maximize donation value using Dwolla instead of credit cards or Paypal. We’ll even give you $10 dollars just for giving it a shot.

Dwolla can help your non-profit save money by reducing the cost to accept donations.

Dwolla is a great payment method for non-profits. Here is why.

  • Your donations come from people who can afford the donation. They don’t need to “pay it later”.
  • Using Dwolla maximizes the donations value. Why should a non-profit give up 3%?

What’s 3% worth to your organization? Assuming you pay 3% on average.

  • 100,000 in Donations is $3,000 in fees.
  • 250,000 in donations is $7,500 in fees.
  • 1M in donations is $30,000 in fees.
  • 10M in donations is $300,000 in fees.

Even if your non-profit has $100,000 in donations don’t you have a use for that $3,000 dollars? How would you spend that extra $3,000 to benefit your organization?

Dwolla gives you a easy way to never pay that 3% ever again.

Imagine getting that $3,000 dollars back was as easy as asking your donation base simply to donate using Dwolla.

Here is what we are going to do to help you local non-profits give Dwolla a shot. We are going to offer $10 to every new account sign up that is a valid Iowa Non-Profit. Here are the rules.

  • Sign up for a Dwolla invitation here under new users.
  • We will approve your account and send you a registration link.
  • After you register within 24 hours we will send $10 to your account.

We can also set up the account for you. E-mail the following information to

Subject : Non-Profit Registration

  1. Non-Profit Name
  2. Contact First Name
  3. Contact Last Name
  4. Contact Birthday
  5. Non-Profit Address
  6. Non-Profit City
  7. Non-Profit State, Zip
  8. Non-Profit Phone #
  9. Preferred contact E-Mail
  10. Non-Profit EIN /  Tax ID <– verifies you are a non-profit.

We will create your account. Then we will send your $10 with your password and PIN number. You can change these immediately if you wish.

Here are the limitations.

  • Offer is limited to 100 organizations.
  • Offer expires January 16th, 2010
  • You must be a registered Iowa based non-profit.