By: Caitlin,

Are you tired of sending paper invoices to clients, or spending too much on monthly payments and processing fees associated with complicated accounting software?

I’ll walk you through just how simple it is to send a payment request with Dwolla, as well as how to send multiple payment requests with our Dwolla MassRequest tool.

Online invoicing has never been so easy or affordable.

Sending a Single Electronic Invoice

1. Log in and choose the ‘Request’ option at the top left of your Dwolla dashboard.

Request Money

2. Specify whom you would like to request money from by typing in their Dwolla ID, email address, or phone number, as well as the amount and additional notes.

Invoice Information

3. Upload a document or invoice to send along with your request for payment (optional).

Uploading an Invoice

4. After you’ve submitted your request, pending invoices can be found underneath the Requests tab, nested under Activity.

Requests Page

5. By clicking on the Details link next to the Request, you’ll be able to view information such as the status of the request, the document(s) attached to the request, and the request ID. You’ll also be presented with the option to cancel the request.

Request Details

Follow these simple steps, and you’ve just sent an electronic invoice with Dwolla!

Sending a Dwolla MassRequest

For multiple requests, I’ll run through how you can use our Dwolla MassRequest tool.

1. Fill out a CSV file with the email addresses of the people you are requesting from and amount requested. You have the option to add notes, but this field is not required.

MassRequest CSV

2. Log in to with your Dwolla account credentials. The next step will be to add your reporting email (the email you would like to have your MassRequest report and status sent to) and to upload the CSV file you just created.

Uploading a MassRequest

3. Define the columns of your CSV file with Source ID (the person you are requesting from), amount, and notes.

Define Request Information

4. Confirm the MassRequest job.

Confirm Mass Request

You’ll get an email notifying you of your MassRequest status and details sent to the reporting email you specified in step 2.

Want to learn more about accounting basics with Dwolla? Be sure to check out how to send mass payouts to all of your vendors,  freelancers, customers, and more with Dwolla MassPay, as well as how to export your Dwolla statements and upload them into your online accounting software.


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