By: Ben Milne,

In case you have not noticed. We are down.

First and foremost. There is no data loss. There is/was no security exposure. We are doing an upgrade ūüôā

I’m not going to butter this up. The extent of this¬†outage¬†was not planned and we know it is frustrating for you. I contemplated doing this in video form but I have not slept in a bit and my fear is my current appearance may not be very CEO like. While I am not sure this post is going to be received as being very CEO like, I’m going to make it anyway.

In all seriousness we were unaware of a limitation in a software / hardware combination and because of that, we have unplanned downtime. We owe you an explanation and next steps. Ultimately this combination was my decision and in that respect, I am the one who owes you the explanation.

What happened?

What is currently happening?

A few things

What we are doing to remedy the situation in the future

When we will be back up


If you want to scream at anyone or just generally go off on someone. I would ask that you do it to me. Ultimately all the choices that led us here I signed off on and I am not going to sit here and point the finger at other people. This is on me. Our staff is working hard and smart. I am frustrated and I am upset (like many of you) but my energy now needs to stay with assisting with the resolution.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly. My e-mail is

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