By: Michael,

Last week, we were really proud to introduce our newest API endpoint – Guest Send. In short, Guest Send allowed you to send money from any bank account, to any person, in just one line of code. Over the past week, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback, and decided to fine tune that method. So today, we’re announcing two new features:

Guest Send now has the ability to send money to any person – Dwolla user, or not.

Simply set the ‘destinationType‘ parameter to Dwolla, Email, or Phone. If the receiver isn’t yet a Dwolla user, we’ll hold the money until they come claim it.

Facilitator fees now let you split payments as many times as you want to.

Facilitator fees have also been something that have gotten a lot of usage, and a lot of feedback. We’ve been seeing more and more companies in need of a multi-facilitator feature. Meaning, the ability to take more than one chunk out of the total transaction amount, and give it to parties who facilitated the transaction. Sometimes banks, sometimes other companies.

So today, we’re introducing an expansion of the already existing “Facilitator Fee”: both our normal API’s send(), and the new guestSend() now support multiple facilitator fees using the new ‘additionalFees‘ array parameter.

Simply include the Destination ID and the Amount for each facilitator, and we’ll subtract that from the receiver’s total amount and credit the facilitators’ accounts. No need to become the merchant of record just to collect your fee.

Head over to the API docs for GuestSend(), and Send() to try out the new features.

Make sure to hit the “Try Method Now” button and give them a real spin.

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