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Iowa is at its best when presented with a challenge. It’s the simplicity of our resolve -to identify problems and find rational solutions- that’s positioned the state as a baseline for quality of life,  sustainable business initiatives, and economic health[1].

And it’s why we’re proud to announce our government payments partnership with the state of Iowa.

The goal is simple:
How can government use Dwolla’s technologies to inject savings, time, and resources back into the economy?

What does this mean?
From collecting property taxes online to issuing refunds in real-time, from renewing vehicle registrations with your phone to saving money while paying government contractors, we are working with the state to identify the potential impact Dwolla’s real-time, online, and mobile technologies could have on every level of state government. We’ve already found one opportunity to save the state and local businesses thousands in fees and administrative costs.

With the help of this partnership, we’re also working with other states, federal agencies, and departments to find ways to use our low or no-cost system to cure administrative headaches caused by ACH and add layers of convenience for taxpayers. It’s government intelligently using technology to improve the way it does business, inside and out.

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And the best part? Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public aren’t paying additional tax dollars. In short: the government is simply using an existing electronic payment system (Dwolla) to solve existing pain points (fees on top of government payments) by tapping existing resources and people (state officials).

What does this mean TODAY?
Initially, we’re working with a handful of vendors and retailers to replace certified checks, ACH payments, and wire transfers for an estimated $130 million in annual taxes for the state. And while you may not be able to pay your taxes using Dwolla today, you are going to start seeing our logo pop up here and there as the state looks to modernize the payment experiences and do better business for the 21st century taxpayer and economy (e.g. mobile payments, low-cost transfers, and real-time notifications, etc.).

But I don’t live in Iowa?
Don’t worry, as the months pass many of you outside the state will begin to notice Dwolla as an option to pay or be paid. We’re moving as quick as we can to work with your governments and find new ways to save time and money, like paying for a parking meter or fishing license with your mobile phone. We may be working with your city or state to help meet the internal needs of its departments or agencies. No matter the scenario, everyone will benefit from the safe, flexible, and efficient network Dwolla provides.

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Want to get your government on board? Let them know. Have an idea on how to use Dwolla with the government? Throw it in the comments section.
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