GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping and Dwolla Team To Deliver Quick, Easy Online Payments for SMBs

GoDaddy LogoWe live in a real-time world where delays have real costs for businesses. An easy to use e-invoicing system combined with a digital payment option accelerates payment, procurement, and billing cycles while reducing operation costs associated with clerical errors, administrative overhead, and physical materials.

Having visibility into the status and completion of a payment, is control and can a yield a big ROI for small businesses. For example, it can improve procurement cycles, eliminate “lost checks” in snail mail, allow business owners to make smart financial decisions, speed up budget approval cycles, and avoid late fees.

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We’ve teamed up with GoDaddy to help ensure their 12 million customers can get paid how and when they want – in the easiest way possible.

All the strengths of checks, none of its weaknesses.

Dwolla and GoDaddy e-invoice

Accept payments without registering for a free Dwolla account

Nevermind that it takes only 2-3 minutes and is about as painful as stepping on dandelion fuzz (or that there are no contracts and hidden fees with Dwolla), registering for a Dwolla account can still be a point of friction for most small businesses and their vendors.

To answer this, GoDaddy has created a one-step flow that allows its customers to begin e-invoicing and collecting Dwolla payments instantly without needing to register for a free Dwolla account. This means that ACME Company can send an e-invoice to the Roadrunner  and get paid without any additional steps.

Once an invoice is paid, customers are invited back to register for a full Dwolla account and enjoy their savings.

Customers can pay invoices without registering for a free Dwolla account

Creating a third-party account to make a payment isn’t always convenient and may be the last thing a vendor wants to deal with as they fulfill an invoice request. That’s why, last year, we created an e-check option for multiple or one-time payments. It allows guests to access the network and initiate a transaction directly from an existing bank or credit union account to another Dwolla user. Until now, however, Small Businesses needed to code this “guest” functionality into their existing invoicing solutions or simply accept payments from Dwolla registered accounts.

The GoDaddy solution provides each of its clients with both options, allowing invoice recipients to pay with an e-check or a registered Dwolla account.

Same low-cost + free payment tools with Dwolla

Dwolla accounts are free and transactions over $10 are just 25 cents a piece (paid by recipient). Transactions under $10 are free. That’s cheaper than a stamp and about 119x cheaper than the alternative on a $1,000 invoice. That’s it. No hidden fees, costs, or gimmicks.

GoDaddy customers also receive free access to Dwolla’s low-tech tools, like MassPay, which allows businesses to upload a CSV and send thousands of payments in seconds; or Auto-Withdrawal, an optional feature that automatically routes all incoming payments directly to a connected bank or credit union account.

Improving transparency, accuracy, and control

According to the Aberdeen Group, “about 70% of incoming invoices are paper, leading to a completely manual receipt, approval and payment processes for most organizations.” Fulfilling these paper invoices with paper checks just amplifies the problems on both ends.

Add intelligence and functionality to your Dwolla transaction data

By syncing your GoDaddy and Dwolla accounts, all past and future transactions will automatically port into GoDaddy’s world-class online bookkeeping. This means richer data, clearer financial insight, and even easier taxes.

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  • Michael L.

    What would be my next step to try this? Great to see Dwolla addressing this because it has been an issue with getting clients to adopt Dwolla for payments: extra steps and waiting for bank verification, etc.

    • Danny

      Same question as Michael, what’s the next step?

  • Michael L.

    Though, wished it was another partner instead of GoDaddy and their questionable marketing.

    • Dan

      Ditto! Only I’d say it’s not questionable… it’s fact.

  • Dan

    Bad move Dwolla! GoDaddy is NOT the kind of company I’d be proud to associate with. In fact… I’m so mortified by the sexist, social and environmental abuses of GoDaddy and their infamous CEO… that I have to cross Dwolla off my list of recommendations. Do your research, I’m sure many Dwolla fans are NOT GoDaddy fans. None-the-less… BAD MOVE.

    • Michael

      Normally I would agree with you Dan…except for one BIG thing you missed buddy. The new CEO (Dec 2012) is Blake Irving. He has a stellar track record (Microsoft Executive, former Yahoo COO, etc.). He’s totally transformed/positioned GoDaddy into a SMB powerhouse for today and in the future. The founder, Bob Parsons, is probably the “sexist” you are speaking of. He is no longer CEO. google Bob Parsons….now google Blake Irving. Got it? Good. Moving on….KKR bought GoDaddy from Parsons in 2012. If you don’t know who KKR is, then I can’t help you there. Oh wait, yes I can. Google KKR. :) It’s unfortunate that you haven’t read the news since 2012.

  • jorge

    Another tree hugging democrat bad mouthing for the sake of badmouthing….

    • Brady Thomas

      How in the hell did you make this political? Take a valium.

  • Jacked Ice

    Great move Dwolla! GoDaddy Online Bookeeping is an amazing program. Thanks for making invoicing one step easier…and less expensive!

  • Joe Harkins

    i have my own reason for not using GD and it has nothing to do with their horrible reputation. I actually like that they have such a bad rep. They are a competitor. I have been hosting web sites in my own little boutique cloud hosting service since before Microsoft had a browser and while the Google kiddies were still in high school. The big hosting companies all wish they had my year-to-year client retention rate and at my much higher prices.

    Yes, I can understand the attraction those big guys have for Dwolla. Were I in your shoes I probably would make a similar decision because I realize that Dwolla is such a different paradigm that getting people to try it is a brutal uphill battle.

    I would like to see you succeed. I would love to see you succeed.

    I hope you get around to offering this same solution to little guys like me. I think you would find that a swarm of little guys, independent hosting companies, would work much harder to promote Dwolla than any giant, regardless of reputation.

    Give us a try Dwolla.

    • CaityJones

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for writing, we’d love to work with you. Dwolla offers non-technical solutions for invoicing via, and also allows for developers to build Dwolla into their own platforms and applications via our API. This allows for a much more customizable solution to fit your needs, which sounds like something you’d be interested in. Our documentation can be found here:, and you can always get in touch with one of our developers in our open forum here: Let us know how we could help you get started with Dwolla!

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