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This post is part of our series, Favorite Stories. Think of it as a collection of entrepreneurs, products, and ideas that are inspiring Dwolla everyday. Want more? Find this story and our others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Scenario: You are a small business that wants to reward your customers with loyalty and gift cards.

Problem: It’s freaking expensive. 

Solution: GiftRocker

GiftRocker is a company out of Arlington, VA that is disrupting the gift card industry. They make it easy for their customers to sell digital gift cards through their website, Facebook or in-store on eco-friendly paper (check out the video below for how this is done). This makes it simple for companies that can’t afford the costly, traditional plastic cards.

So, it’s more affordable than ordering plastic cards and paying extra for that magnetic strip on the back, but how is this different than daily deals services like Groupon and Living Social? GiftRocker doesn’t force businesses to markdown on their products and services. In other words, customers aren’t rushing to buy $50 of food for $25 and then never returning again.

GiftRocker offers a mobile wallet for both businesses and their customers, and can be used to sell tickets to events, prepaid packs, promotions, and more.

Meet the Entrepreneur

GiftRocker uses Dwolla for B2B transactions, and settling with merchants on the backend. Alex Robertson, GiftRocker founder, says that Dwolla’s API is fantastic in this capacity, and that they are looking forward to accepting Dwolla on the front end for payment.

Alex worked for corporate America much of his life, before deciding to found GiftRocker. He finds the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur is seeing his product being used in the wild and being able to help out local businesses (which we love). As a bonus, he gets to hear the stories behind the gift cards, such as the last-minute anniversary gift or heartfelt thank you’s.

We’re excited.

Here at Dwolla, we love hearing these stories from our customers and entrepreneurs all across the nation. If you have a story that you’d like share with us, we’d love to hear it!

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