FreeAgent: Super-simple online accounting software

This series, Integration Highlights, is a collection of entrepreneurs and projects that are using Dwolla to provide their users with new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

FreeAgent, a UK-based online accounting software company, has arrived stateside and it’s packing Dwolla. FreeAgent provides you and your business with a service that includes everything that you need to keep track of your finances, such as estimates, time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting, banking, accounting and taxes. Their focus is on keeping numbers clean, simple and affordable for small businesses and freelancers, and now they’ve made it possible for your invoices to be paid via Dwolla.

FreeAgent is out to make accounting sexy again, or at least not such a pain in the neck. Your information is kept safe with bank-level security and data protection. You have an easy-to-read dashboard that brings all of your finances into one place, as well as free support and regular software upgrades. And you’ll never miss a payment again with the ability to export your key tax payment dates to your calendar.

Cost? A cool $24 a month includes, well…EVERYTHING. Unlimited invoices, contacts, upgrades and support.

Here at Dwolla, we’re pumped to be integrated with such an innovative company such as FreeAgent. We’ve had demand by small businesses and freelancers everywhere to integrate into accounting software, and now we’re baked into one of the most respected online accounting services available.