By: Caitlin,

We love our community. We love the people, the mentors and the businesses that pushed us to try harder and do better. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with some of the local businesses here in Des Moines to sponsor a Dwolla deal week.

Here’s the details:

Next week, from Monday, November 26th to Friday, November 30th, customers can grab $1 deals at the following:

  Mars Cafe

  $1 coffees & hot chocolates

  2318 University Ave, Des Moines, Iowa

  Sakari Sushi Lounge

  $1 soups, salads, select nigiri sushi & sashimi

  2605 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa

  Smokey Row Coffee

  $1 coffees & lattes

  1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines, Iowa

  High Life Lounge

  $1 beers

  200 Southwest 2nd Street, Des Moines, Iowa


Want to give it a shot without the delay? Get a free buck to get started.

Dwolla is giving everyone $1 if they text ‘dwolla’ to 515.650.4583 (Dollar Thoughts) so that their first purchase is FREE.

To cash in on the deal, register for a Dwolla account with the phone number that you used to text Dollar Thoughts. There will be a dollar waiting for you in your account. Then download Dwolla’s mobile app to your iPhone or Android, and go to any of the restaurants above and pay using Dwolla.


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