Find a Dwolla @GoldenTicket and win cash at #SXSW

“In your wildest dreams you can not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU.”

Golden Tickets have been minted and stuffed inside a Dwolla Bar. These Golden Tickets, representing thousands of dollars, are being hidden by a hand-selected group of the nation’s brightest, boldest, and loudest. These are our Charlie Buckets, Augustus Gloops, and Violet Beauregardes.

Picture of a Dwolla Bar and Golden Ticket

Given strict instructions, they’re being asked to hide the ticket at SXSW or somewhere in NYC for YOU to find.


1.) Those given a Golden Ticket must hide the ticket, and are forbidden to privately tell friends or associates of its location.

2.) Those given a Golden Ticket must give at least one clue by posting a picture or Vine to Twitter, incorporating @goldenticket and #sxsw somewhere in the tweet.

3.) Those given a Golden Ticket must do all of the above before the ticket expires March 17th, 2013 at midnight.

Finders keepers:

Those lucky [or clever] enough to stumble upon a Golden Ticket will follow the instructions on the ticket and redeem the value stored inside. And no, you don’t have to have a Dwolla account to play.

In the end…

Unfortunately, not much else may be said at this point. We have a test to conduct and results to be analyzed. Further divulgence of any information would certainly skew the outcome, and we can’t have that now can we?

One more thing:

We want to give a quick thanks to our friends at BrandSquid, who helped create the amazing assets for the experiment; our friends at Hatchlings, who manifested a similar hack at the Old MacDonald Hackday; and our amazing developers and designers who fell in love with the idea and spent some extra-time on it.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world… there’s nothing to it.”



  • shanereiser

    Amazing work from Jeremiah on our design team for designing the artwork, and Michael our developer evangelist for building the website. This is so fun!

    • Ataub24

      SO MUCH FUN! I sort of want to keep mine… 😛

  • Theron

    This is a great idea! Love it!

    • CaityJones

      Thanks, Theron!

  • Jon Thompson

    No Des Moines tickets?

    • Jon Thompson

      Oh, and how do we procure a dwolla bar in dsm, even sans ticket?

      • CaityJones

        Sorry – we don’t have any that aren’t in Austin at the moment. Our awesome designer Jeremiah W. designed them and Sigler helped us out with printing. If we make another order we’ll be sure to make it known!

        • Ben Milne

          Jon – We’ll do something DSM specific soon!

          • Jon Thompson

    • CaityJones

      Nope, just a SXSW experiment for now. However, love to try this in a few other locations, Des Moines being one of them.

      • Christopher Porter

        Louisville KY would be another great spot.

  • John Mcdermitt

    Who is the Poet?

  • Kelly

    by “at SXSW” do you mean you have to have access to SXSW events and tents in order to find them, or does it mean anywhere in the Austin area within driving distance, or is it limited to downtown Austin near most of the SXSW events?

    • CaityJones

      Good questions Kelly – it’s all up to the hiders actually. I would say though that the Dwolla bars will be hidden within or within the vicinity of the SXSW venues, favorite bars, and hangout areas in downtown Austin.

  • Chan D

    Is there any in Seattle?

    • CaityJones

      Unfortunately they are all in Austin at SXSW right now (I know, I wish they would have left some for me back in Des Moines).

  • kompreni

    This makes me wish I was going to SXSW

    • CaityJones

      Me too.. me too.

  • everpwr90

    Where can I get a Dwolla bar?

    • CaityJones

      Right now all bars are in Austin at SXSW – if we make another order or try this experiment in another city we’ll make sure to let everyone know! Thanks for asking though :)


    Awesome Dwolla!!!!!

  • Jonathan Drake

    how about a way to include us who are NOT attending…

    • CaityJones

      Just an experiment at one event for now, Jonathan. We’ll be sure to let you know when we try similar things in other cities! Where are you located?

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