By: Jordan,

“In your wildest dreams you can not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU.”

Golden Tickets have been minted and stuffed inside a Dwolla Bar. These Golden Tickets, representing thousands of dollars, are being hidden by a hand-selected group of the nation’s brightest, boldest, and loudest. These are our Charlie Buckets, Augustus Gloops, and Violet Beauregardes.

Picture of a Dwolla Bar and Golden Ticket

Given strict instructions, they’re being asked to hide the ticket at SXSW or somewhere in NYC for YOU to find.


1.) Those given a Golden Ticket must hide the ticket, and are forbidden to privately tell friends or associates of its location.

2.) Those given a Golden Ticket must give at least one clue by posting a picture or Vine to Twitter, incorporating @goldenticket and #sxsw somewhere in the tweet.

3.) Those given a Golden Ticket must do all of the above before the ticket expires March 17th, 2013 at midnight.

Finders keepers:

Those lucky [or clever] enough to stumble upon a Golden Ticket will follow the instructions on the ticket and redeem the value stored inside. And no, you don’t have to have a Dwolla account to play.

In the end…

Unfortunately, not much else may be said at this point. We have a test to conduct and results to be analyzed. Further divulgence of any information would certainly skew the outcome, and we can’t have that now can we?

One more thing:

We want to give a quick thanks to our friends at BrandSquid, who helped create the amazing assets for the experiment; our friends at Hatchlings, who manifested a similar hack at the Old MacDonald Hackday; and our amazing developers and designers who fell in love with the idea and spent some extra-time on it.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world… there’s nothing to it.”



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