Dwolla is going back to school

We’ve got spirit, yes we do…We’ve got Dwolla, how about you?

If only my parents and I would have had the convenience of Dwolla back when I was eating Salisbury steaks and chicken nuggets for lunch every day. It would have saved my parents countless headaches (and me from getting yelled at for losing their lunch money check) on a fairly regular basis.

school lunch

Well children and parents of 2013 – have no fear! Dwolla could soon be accepted in your local school district.

School district BCLUW (Beaman, Conrad, Liscomb, Union, and Whitten) here in Iowa now allows parents, guardians, friends and relatives to easily make online payments to a child’s lunch account by following the simple steps advertised on BCLUW’s website.

The advantages of using Dwolla in this scenario:

  1. Convenience. No more having to write checks. One can now make a lunch payment from the convenience of their own home.
  2. Cost. It’s completely free for the parents to add money into their child’s lunch account, and it only costs the school $0.25 to receive it with payments $10 and under being completely free. In the end, this is going to save a school district a considerable amount of money compared to costly credit and debit card fees, or the work involved in accepting and processing checks.
  3. Safety. No more having to worry about a personal check getting from point A to point B, or getting lost on the playground. With Dwolla, all transactions are securely encrypted.
  4. Recurring payments. Schedule a recurring payment to be sent from your account to the school on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis.

Whether you are reading this as a student, parent or school administrator, we applaud you for being innovative and thinking outside of the [lunch]box. If you think Dwolla would be a good fit for your school district, we invite you to take the next step and reach out to me at ian@dwolla.com or 1.888.289.8744 to discuss how you can get Dwolla accepted at your school.

  • Linda

    Great article Ian! We can’t wait to have Dwolla in our school district!

  • Ataub24


  • Seth

    Love the ability to use Dwolla for payments to Ankeny Christian Academy! Glad to see it spread!

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  • http://supak.com Scott Supak

    We’re constantly forgetting to write a check for our kid’s lunches. This would sure help.

    • Ian

      Scott, what school district are you in?

      • http://supak.com Scott Supak

        Cherry Valley Springfield Central School near Cooperstown NY. Very small school.

        • Ian

          Thanks for the clarification. I reached out :)

          • http://supak.com Scott Supak

            Thank you. Maybe it will help others in the future, as our boy is a Sr. now… Any colleges using Dwolla for tuition or other bills?

          • Ian

            Not to date… We will start with the young-ins and work our way up!

  • getmorub

    BCLUW is a great school district, so it’s not surprising that they’ve caught on to “getting it”. way to go!

    • Ian

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • http://twitter.com/maggiehagan Maggie Hagan

    Great idea! This would have been useful for all those days I forgot my lunch money.

  • Dan Johnson

    Would love DM schools to do this. I could set it and forget it. Do you list of which schools accept Dwolla?

    • CaityJones

      We don’t have a public list, however if you contact support@dwolla.com we can send some more information/material over to you!

  • angee

    Wish our school had Dwolla. The super at BCLUW must be awesome…his school system always had cool things going on.

    • Ian

      Angee- What school district are you a part of? He is a pretty awesome dude!

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