There are 27.7 million businesses in the United States, and how you find one of Dwolla’s 15,000 has never been easy. Today, for the first time ever, we’re changing that.

Introducing, Dwolla Places

What does it do?

  1. “Places” tab: The new interface acts as a directory, allowing users to search and explore their local merchant communities, informing them who takes Dwolla and who doesn’t.
  2. Introduces the “Want” button: This feature, available only inside “Places,” currently provides users with a social tool to communicate their interest in paying with Dwolla to perspective merchants.
  3. Public pages: Now, every venue and location listed also has its own public Page. For non-Dwolla merchants, it provides people a platform to kickoff recruitment campaigns and track the number of requests made to the merchant. For existing Dwolla merchants, it’s another way to be found and receive payments. For consumers, it’s an easy way to recruit Dwolla users and non-users to your cause.

Let’s try it out… Click the image below, and then the “Want” button to let this totally random public Dwolla Place know you want the Dwolla experience.

A few other cool things:

  • Search: Find any local merchant, good or service just like you would on Google. Want coffee? Begin typing in “coffee.” Want to fix that ding in your car? Type in “auto body.” Want to know if eCreamery in Omaha, NE takes Dwolla? Type in “eCreamery.” The search will issue best matches based on your location and what’s in the system.
  • Social: Get your favorite merchants on board even faster with easy to share messages and recruitment tools, like a shortened URL and pre-populated social templates.
  • Foursquare integration: Connecting to foursquare enables users to immediately find their favorite check-ins.

  • Notifying you: We’ll let you know via email when a requested merchant signs up for Dwolla.
  • Claiming a location: After a quick verification process, non-Dwolla merchants can easily claim their location simply by registering. Already a Dwolla merchant? Don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you (feel free to check though).

Be sure to check out the video

A few things to note:

  • Please, break this: The system was designed to learn and is still in Beta. That’s a fancy way of saying that it’s still learning and building a database of businesses all over the country. Depending on where you’re at and how many searches have been made in that location, you could run into a few goofy searches and some longer wait-times for results (up to 15 seconds) the first few times. Ultimately, your patience will help improve the results be faster and more relevant.
  • Where do you want Dwolla?: Help us figure out where Dwolla would be most meaningful to you. Request your favorite merchants by selecting “I want Dwolla at this location.”
  • Give us feedback:  Simply put, “What sucks?” Email us at
  • Michael Ferrari

    Smart… #like

  • Erlend Sogge Heggen

    Europe needs you! It’s not a trivial task, I know. It’s just that compared to Dwolla, any other service seems like it’ll either be burning my money or making me work my ass off for money I’ve already earned.

    Please, Norway needs more money.

  • Guy

    Canada please….

  • Crbnsn1303

    Maryland would be great

  • Crbnsn1303

    Africa…..The Chinese wouldn’t like it one bit but the U.S. govt might approve any legitimate competition for business taken away from China.

  • Doccraigdc

    I emailed your office already to inform you that I have a substantial account with thousands of customers with a thousands of dollars being moved each day. Are you interested yet ? Could you please email me how to procede? Craig at diccraigdc@yahoo

  • Charles Dover

    eBay !!!!!!

    • Ben Milne

       Got ya covered :) Dwolla + eBay =

  • mi3hoops


  • Richard

    Flip Key / Trip Advisor / VRBO

  • volcanovillage

    Trip Advisor / FlipKey / VRBO

  • Will

    any place to find where dwolla is accepted by web merchants?

  • BP

    You say that existing accounts are on your Places, but I can’t find my own listing there.  Maybe I’m missing something …

    • Jordan Lampe

       Hey BP, this is just a part of the system learning. If you search it again and it’s not in there, let us know!

  • LE

    It’s not obvious to me after reading this exactly where I can search for places that accept dwolla or suggest a place to dwolla. At least not if I am not currently a dwolla user.

    • Jordan Lampe

      Yes, and that’s a good point. An external search for non-Dwolla users is something we are still toying around with. Right now though, we think that it’s more meaningful to potential businesses if we endorse the requests coming from existing Dwolla users (and potential patrons), rather  than a bunch of non-Dwolla users just haphazardly clicking request one million times.

      Instead, we created the public-facing pages, which Dwolla users can share with non-Dowlla users. Here, non-Dwolla users can give us their email and request a place without registering for a Dwolla account. If the merchant signs on, we’ll notify the person via the email they submitted. They can choose to register at that time.

  • Michael Compton

    How about US users being able to log in while abroad?   Dwolla should stay American only, but don’t forget that Americans travel all over the planet and are serving their country overseas.  

  • will

    heres what i want: Dwolla to live up to there 3-5 day transfer!

  • Miss Purseonality

    Hi Ben! Love Dwolla and I switched and that is what I am using on my website.

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