By: Alex Taub,

Come watch and bet with the rest of the New York tech scene as we cheer on our horses via Derby Jackpots’s real-time betting platform on the Tavern’s 30+ TVs.

The Des Moines team doesn’t get to have all the fun. As Iowa gears up for Dwolla’s 2nd anniversary meetup in Des Moines, we’re getting together with fellow General Assembly startup, Derby Jackpot, to throw an event of our own in NYC. Together, we’re turning Tavern on Third into a real-time horse race betting parlor for the night on November 28th from 7-10PM. You are all invited, just RSVP.

Derby Jackpot is the only online, social, and legal betting site in the US and, even though it’s still in closed-beta, their team is opening up the horse race betting fun to everyone coming to the party.

We’re upping the ante, too. Anyone that comes to the Tavern with a Dwolla account (you can create one here) and a Derby Jackpot account (you can request one here) will get a free $10 to bet on horses and buy drinks.

When: Wednesday, November 28 at 7PM – 10PM

Where: Tavern on Third, 380 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016

What: Free $10 to bet on horses, drink alcohol (over 21+ only), hangout with the NYC tech scene, and a cool green shirt that says “I Dwolla On Derby Jackpot” (limited).


A big thank you to our friends at Startup Threads for the t-shirts, and Onswipe for providing iPads for the evening.

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