Dwolla for Fresh Food

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Summer is in full swing, which means that community supported agriculture (CSA) programs are busy providing people with fruits and vegetables that are in season and straight from the farm.

Dwolla is great for food co-ops, CSAs, and farmers’ markets. By accepting Dwolla payments, farmers can stop running to the bank to cash checks, while also adding to their bottom line by cutting out the high fees associated with credit cards.

How CSAs can use Dwolla:

  • Customers can pay online or with their smartphone via the mobile app (iOS or Android).
  • Members can pay for CSA subscriptions by setting up a recurring payment.
  • Request payments from customers by simply typing in their email or phone number associated with their Dwolla account.

CSAs and marketplaces such as Plovgh, Annie’s Buying ClubPenn’s Corner Farm AllianceBells Bend Neighborhood FarmsWabi Sabi Farm, and Featherstone Fruits and Vegetables are all using Dwolla to accept payments. As always, there is no cost to set up an account, with the only fee being 25 cents on transactions over $10 (under $10 is free).

Think your organization can benefit from online payments? Check out Dwolla for CSAs.



  • Gourmets On Wheels

    We sell at farmers’ markets. have a big Dwolla sign, but no one has ever paid us with Dwolla, 18 months and counting.

    • CaityJones

      Thanks for letting us know. Have your customers ever asked about your Dwolla sign, and did they give you feedback on why they would/would not sign up? Looking for feedback on how we can improve the product/messaging so that we can do better.

      • Tamara Ham

        I have had my Dwolla for about 2 months now. After about 1 month of research, reading, checking out vocabulary, but could never figure out a way to get any money in it to use it. It was about $36 when I first started, now it is OFF the charts expensive and I don’t see any way of ever being able to utilize this.

        • CaityJones

          Hi Tamara – I’m sorry if you had trouble getting money into your account. I’d be happy to help you through that process.

          If you could help me understand what is $36, I’d really appreciate it. Dwolla is and always has been free to set up an account. The only fee, ever, is 25 cents on transactions over $10.

          I’d like to learn from you, and help you out with anything that may be giving you trouble with your Dwolla account.

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