By: Ben Milne,

I am incredibly humbled by this article and the response we’ve seen over the past 24 hours.

I talk about a lot the advantages of the Des Moines area, and Silicon Prairie in general. Lately I feel like I’m a machine regurgitating the great things about the area.

One guy I’m quietly inspired by is Mike Draper.  Articles like this remind me why. When I first got to Des Moines, I heard Mike quote something to the tune of :

“You know you kind of left for the same reason I did, to find opportunity elsewhere- but the place you left had so much more potential…”

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel like the grass is greener on the other side. I did a lot of traveling for a  few years and honestly had every intention of putting Dwolla somewhere else. I stayed here and love this place because I realized something… This is a great place to be.

This article is another huge reason I cannot help but continue to say thank you again and again to everyone in this community.

Thank you Karen Mracek and the Des Moines Register.

The online money transfer site with a funny-sounding name is well-known to social media gurus in Des Moines.

Now the founders of Dwolla want the company to become a household name nationwide.

“It’s a way to move money electronically without the interchange fee or the costs associated with other services,” said co-founder Ben Milne.

The name comes from combining the words “dollar” and “web.” It is a fitting name for a startup company that hopes to rival PayPal and revolutionize how online consumers send and receive payments.

Read the entire article here.

Thank you to the wonderful users in Des Moines and everywhere else in Iowa. As of typing this blog entry, there are 106 retweets of this article. We see traffic jumping around and kind words on twitter and facebook. It’s been a pretty wonderful few days for all of us working on this project.

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