Dwolla at Affiliate Summit West 2013

On January 13-15, our lead online business developer, Alex Taub, will be representing Dwolla at Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Las Vegas. Look for him there (he’ll be the one wearing a different Dwolla T-shirt every day) as we’d like to meet with as many people as possible!


affiliate summit

Why is Dwolla attending #ASW13?

One of the biggest uses of Dwolla comes from a company’s need to pay out multiple individuals for service, such as consultants or tournament winners. We’ve seen this with marketplaces, affiliate companies, survey incentives, fantasy sports, customer rebates, and more. Affiliate Summit is the leading event in the the affiliate payout space and the attendance list is massive. This is a can’t miss event. We are hoping to meet as many companies as we can.

Why do thousands of affiliate companies use Dwolla?

Dwolla is cost-effective

Instead of spending time and money processing checks, or being charged an average 2.5-3.5% in processing fees for other payout solutions, Dwolla’s no-cost or low-cost solution is free for any transaction $10 and under, and 25 cents for transactions over $10.

Dwolla is convenient

A company can easily pay out thousands of individuals with a click of a button with Dwolla MassPay. Released in October, MassPay allows companies to send 2,000 transactions at once by manually, or programmatically, uploading a CSV file with payout amounts and destinations (email addresses or phone numbers). Once the payout is initiated, end-users get either an email or SMS notification explaining that they’ve received money. Learn more about MassPay.

Dwolla is faster

Send out money whenever, wherever. Dwolla uses the ACH system to transfer funds between our network and financial institutions. Load your account and payout, sending payments instantly between your Dwolla account and your users’ Dwolla accounts. End-users get their money faster for a better client experience. Learn more about our transaction times.

Dwolla is safe

Dwolla abides by the same federal regulations and laws that govern financial institutions. All sensitive information is securely stored on Dwolla servers, which are encrypted and hosted in a PCI compliant data center with enterprise level firewalls, and is never exposed during a transaction or held on a device. Learn more about our security measures.


If you are attending #ASW13, make sure to find me and say hi. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet there, shoot me an email – [email protected].