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Next week, on Jan. 5, we’ll be participating in the AT&T’s 2013 developer summit hackathon in beautiful Las Vegas, NV. As one of the sponsors, we will be sending our very own Devangelist, Michael, to help mentor teams and make sure they deliver awesome hacks in time for the deadline. If you’ve ever been to a hackathon before, you probably already know how much fun they can be. Bring in your gear, set yourself up, and begin a 24-hour coding session. Hackathons are almost always generous with prizes, which makes it very appealing for bootstrapping startup ideas.

But, if you’ve ever been to an AT&T hackathon before, you probably know that the stakes are higher – more prizes, more opportunities, and more chances of making it big. Well, the 2013 Developer Summit is no different. A whopping $30,000 cash prize for the first place winner is sure to bring out some good competition and high-quality hacks. Oh yeah, and there’s also a car. An actual car – a Chevy Volt – and $75k in overall prizes. Checkout the full list of prizes, here.


Think you can create the next mobile payment platform using AT&T’s telephony API and Dwolla’s money transfer API? The AT&T guys posted some challenges on the website to help you get inspired. Come give it your best shot. Who knows? You might just win enough money to bootstrap your next startup.

Sign up for the hackathon here.

The hackathon (and conference) will take place at the Palms Hotel & Casino. The Dev Summit got a nice group rate discount, and you can find more information about accommodations here:

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