Dwolla illustration of Louis CK and Quote

Dear Louis C.K. and Odwalla,

In a recent email from Louis C.K. to his fans, the comedian announced that he’s now taking Odwalla–a popular fresh juice and healthy foods company–as payment for his newest digital release, “TomorrowNight.”As many of you know, Dwolla transactions that are $10 and under are completely free, offering Louis C.K. a pretty sweet deal compared to the other guys (5% + $.05 per transaction or 2.9% + $.30 per transaction). Odwalla must be driving a seriously good deal, but c’mon, man, we were there first.

We’ve decided to extend an olive branch to Odwalla with a deal.

For each Dwolla transaction on LouisCK.net in February, we will donate the fees that Louis C.K. would have paid with Amazon and PayPal to a nonprofit of Odwalla’s choosing. In exchange, Odwalla will renounce its new payments relationship with Louis C.K.


– Dwolla





  • herbert

    oh, cool!!! brilliant hooking up with Louis CK! he is trying to be healthier now so i bet he is drinking a lot of your juices. do you guys have an eshop online for us to buy the juices for a good deal now?

  • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

    Haha. Well played, Dwolla.

  • inorganik

    Clearly Louis C.K. meant to say Dwolla and mispronounced it Odwalla.

  • http://www.dmevolve.com/ Jon Thompson

    Brilliant Jordan, just brilliant.

  • mrdallasjmoore


  • Theo Wallace

    He may have meant your tax-dodging Irish subsidiary O’Dwolla.

  • Matt Harris

    He was pretty clearly making a joke. If this was sent via email not like he just didn’t know the payments company name off the cuff and made a mistake… and said odwalla. He could easily have looked it up. He just wanted to make people laugh. Isn’t this all a little over the top for 2 open letters? Especially since apparently it’s their move and you keep making moves…. so I’m convinced it’s still Dwolla’s move. #YourMovePart3Dwolla

    A bit ironic that one of Dwolla’s headline customers is Louis C.K yet the sense of humor is lacking…?

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