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This is part of a series called “Integration Highlights“. In this series, we highlight entrepreneurs and projects that use Dwolla to create new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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There’s a new way to make money on the side, and it’s as simple as having a LinkedIn profile. turns your account into a micro-consulting gig, by fulfilling 15-minute jobs from companies looking for quality feedback on their brand, product or a new feature.

How it works: for Individuals

Simply visit and sign up with your LinkedIn profile. Set your pay rate, and you will be emailed jobs as they pertain to you. Enjoy anonymity as your personal information and picture will be redacted during the selection process. Complete a job and get paid by your client.

The part we’re stoked about? When you earn money on AskYourUsers, you can get paid out via Dwolla, the fastest way to receive payment on their platform.

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Professionals, sign up on AskYourUsers and get started on your new side career as a micro-consultant.

How it works: Getting feedback

Companies no longer have to spend a budget-destroying sum on focus groups. With AskYourUsers, you can tap into a network of vetted professionals to receive affordable, high-quality feedback on the projects, designs, or ideas you care about. It’s simple to set questions and tasks, gaining feedback on your brand, a specific feature, usability testing, etc.

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You can set up your job in three simple steps:

  1. Create the questions or tasks you’d like your micro-consultants to complete.
  2. Pick the type of people you want to complete your task. You can target a specific age, gender, income, industry, etc.
  3. Confirm and pay.

Got an idea, product, or design you need vetted or tested? Create your very first job today and start receiving quality feedback from professionals.



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