[API Update] Adding + Verifying Bank Accounts

Today, we’ve released what has probably been the most requested API feature to date – the ability to Add and Verify bank accounts programmatically. These updates are particularly important. The reason behind this is that we realize the friction involved in non-Dwolla user checkouts. Ideally, we would like to give developers the ability to programmatically (using our API) create fully working, verified Dwolla accounts – thus, reduce the friction involved with account creation and payment to a minimum.

So, without further adieu – here’s the documentation for the new calls:

Adding a bank account: developers.dwolla.com/dev/docs/funding/add

Verifying a bank account: developers.dwolla.com/dev/docs/funding/verify

  • Devon Weller

    Woo-hoo! This is great news.

  • Andrew Velis

    I am in hopes that this can drive developer adoption and open open interesting implementations of p2p liquid asset movement.

  • Justin Hughey

    Just read this today. Cheer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • timrpeterson

    Dwolla, you… complete…me