$1 Dwolla Deals in Ames. All week :)

We love college towns. Therefore, we decided to team up with some of the local businesses in Ames, Iowa to sponsor a Dwolla deal week. NOT just for college students, but anyone wanting to enjoy a delicious taco, coffee, cider or gelato. Here’s the details:

This week, from Monday, October 29th to Friday, November 2nd, customers can stop by:

 Fighting Burrito for $1 tacos

 117 Welch Avenue, Ames, Iowa, 50014

Arcadia Cafe for $1 coffees and apple ciders

2712 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50014

Chocolaterie Stam for $1 gelato

230 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010

Want to give it a shot without the delay? Get a free buck to get started.

Even better – Dwolla is giving everyone $1 if they text ‘dwolla’ to 515.650.4583 (Dollar Thoughts) so that their first purchase is FREE. How ya like them apples? (or should we say, apple ciders)

To cash in on the deal, register for a Dwolla account with the number that you used to text Dollar Thoughts. There will be a dollar waiting for you in your account. Then download Dwolla’s mobile app to your iPhone or Android, go to any of the restaurants above and pay using Dwolla.


  • http://twitter.com/jondthompson Jon Thompson

    YES! More Dweals, Dwolla Deals, Deallas, etc… Entice vendors to give some of the savings back to the customer! Then the customer gains when using dwolla too!