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This is part of a series called “Integration Highlights“. In this series, we highlight entrepreneurs and projects that use Dwolla to create new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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“Love the cost savings of Dwolla, but hesitant to share your login with employees? Use Allowd to create a secure portal where team members can view your Dwolla transactions.”

Good news for merchants using Dwolla – it’s now possible to create sub-accounts for your employees and give them as much (or as little) access as they need to your company’s Dwolla account. Brought to you by the talented team at Far Reach, Allowd lets merchants control what each employee has visual access to, giving them the ability to verify Dwolla payments on behalf of the merchant without sharing the login to the company Dwolla account.

Allowd will be extremely useful for many different types of merchants that use Dwolla. For example, restaurants and bars can use Allowd to set up their servers and bartenders with their own sub-accounts to monitor incoming transactions to the restaurant’s Dwolla account.

How to get started

Sign up for Allowd with your Dwolla merchant account. This creates the Allowd admin account for your company. From there, add employees by email address and determine what they can view – incoming transactions,  outgoing transactions and/or total balance.

allowd app sub account settings

It really is as simple as that. Enable the refresh option if you want your employees to track transactions in real-time.

In this example, Far Reach has invited Kate Washut to create a sub-account, which she has, and given her visual access to both incoming and outgoing transactions on the Far Reach Dwolla account, as well as the ability to monitor the total balance of the account.

allowd account transactions

Thanks to the magic of open API’s, we’re able to see cool new innovations such as Allowd being built by other talented companies on top of the Dwolla network.

Signing up only takes a matter of minutes, get started on Allowd today!




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