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Here at Dwolla, we’ve always been a strong supporter of small business. Here are 9 free tools that we’ve built to improve the lives of small business owners:

1. Guest Checkout & Off-site Gateway

Guest checkout allows your customers to pay with Dwolla even if they don’t have a Dwolla account. Off-site gateway allows users to easily navigate between both your site and Dwolla’s secure site for payment, then directs users back to your site. 

2. MassPay

MassPay allows companies to send up to 2,000 transactions at once by manually, or programmatically, uploading a CSV file with payout amounts and destinations (email addresses or phone numbers). Once the payout is initiated, end-users get either an email or SMS notification explaining that they’ve received money.

3. HUB Page

Create your own personal landing page to accept payments. Customers can make one-time payments here, or easily set up a recurring payment.

4. Referral Program

Send referrals to your clients. Each successful Dwolla referral will earn you $10 in free transactions, or 40 free transactions over $10.

5. Dwolla Buttons

Create your customizable Dwolla button to display on your site, and promote that others pay or donate with Dwolla.

6. Auto-withdrawal

Set up auto-withdrawal so that you don’t have to manually log in to make withdraws to your financial institution. Simply log in to your account, go to Account Settings, and switch Auto Withdrawal to “Enabled.”

7. Recurring Payments

Have customers set up a recurring payment to your business so that they don’t have to log in each time to send you a repeating payment. They can choose to pay you on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly schedule.

8. Real-time Incoming Transactions

Monitor incoming Dwolla transactions in real-time by logging into, downloading the Dwolla Merchant app, or using Allowd. Allowd is a platform that enables you to make sub-accounts for employees to have individual logins and monitor incoming payments on behalf of your business.

9. Dwolla Map

Have your business show up on the Dwolla Spots map or in the AroundMe tab on the mobile app.

*Bonus: Developer Portal

Whether you are a developer or a business developer, our developer portal gives you a lot of great information for you to use when building Dwolla into your business.

If you’re not already, start using Dwolla at your small business today!


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